Words and reviews

Reinier van Houdt

Mouths Without A Head

Ben Harper, Boring like a Drill, May 2021

Crow with no mouth, episode #47, August 2021

Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly 1295

Bill Meyer, Dusted Magazine, July 2021

Mara Winter

Rise, follow

« A very beautiful, absorbing new recording from Mara Winter & Johanna Bartz, ‘Rise, follow’ on Discreet Editions. For two bass Renaissance flutes, about an hour of slow, intertwining series of long, low tones, constantly re-forming and opening pathways. Seriously lovely work. » —Brian Olewnick, Sept. 2020

Ismael G. Cabral, El Compositor Habla, Oct. 2020

Ben Harper, Boring Like A Drill, Oct. 2020

Bill Meyer, Dusted Magazine, May 2021