Discreet editions

Is a small record label based in Basel (CH) and Marseille (FR). It joins the realm of ancient music to that of contemporary, experimental composition through collaborations, commissions, structured improvisation and other, yet-to-be-named performance practices. Discreet releases attempt to take what are conceived of as ‘historical’ instruments out of their hypothetical frames, transcending categorization and highlighting the autonomy of sound itself. These recordings come as an alternative to the dominant social conventions about approaching and listening to ‘historical’, ‘musical’ ‘instruments’. Furthermore, Discreet considers the sound potentialities of all objects and the open-minds of the performers and composers who work with them.

The label’s catalog is released in small-run physical formats, as well as in high-quality digital files via our Bandcamp page. The artwork and graphic design is conceived as a careful visual impression which re-enforces the final output.

Discreet is a collaboration between contemporary composer/performer Clara de Asís and historical flautist/composer Mara Winter.